moviesWe have to admit, this Muppet Vault thing is working out pretty well so far. The crowds keep getting more and more excited (not to mention bigger), we keep finding more fun videos to show, and then we ride that high for a whole month until it’s time to get back on stage and show a room full of Muppet fans some great stuff from Kermit the Frog and Company.

February’s Muppet Vault was Sci-Fi-themed, so we showed the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show and a few clip compilations featuring the Yip Yip Martians, Pigs in Space, Koozebanians, Star Trek actors, and those wacky scientists of Muppet Labs. Over 100 people came out to Brooklyn, where we held the event at Union Hall in Park Slope for the very first time. Unfortunately, although it’s an amazing space, there wasn’t nearly enough seating to accommodate everyone, and we like our fans to be comfortable. So while we thank everyone at Union Hall profusely, we’re already moving on to bigger and, well, bigger places.

The next Muppet Vault will be held on Saturday, February 26 at 2pm in Brooklyn, New York! And once again, we’ll be at a NEW LOCATION: The Bell House, which is located at 149 7th Street near the D, F, G, N and R trains (and feel free to contact us if you need any tips on how to get to the venue).

This month’s Vault will be Movie-themed in the vain attempt to bank on the Academy Awards, which air the following night. We’ll be showing some of our favorite clips from the Muppet movies, as well as movie parodies from The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, guest star appearances from hot shot movie stars, and a few secret clips that we’ve got hidden up our sleeves. Our movie sleeves.

As always, we will have drink specials, trivia, prizes, and maybe a few surprises! All that and a bag o’ chips for just $8 per person! (Chips not included.)

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