The Mup Art Show – Winter, 2015

Published: December 29, 2015
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We’re here at the end of 2015 (in case you happen to be reading this from the future), and we have another collection of fantastic Muppet fan art for you to peruse and enjoy and oh please we hope you like it.

Since our last installment of The Mup Art Show, we’ve been keeping our eyes out all over the internet for our favorite pieces of Muppet, Sesame, and Henson-related artwork.  Now that we have a wheelbarrow full, it’s time to share them with you!

If you’re a professional artist and you have some Muppet fan art of your own, please email us to be considered for our next installment of The Mup Art Show!  We can’t, like, pay you or anything, but we’re always happy to help share those Muppet things you worked so hard on!

And now: On with the (Mup Art) show!

10665298_799448316763513_6709672449193473444_nby James P. Powell

piggy_by_pixie_the_gator-d7vhd8nby pixie-the-gator

gonzo_journalism_by_jbwarner86-d81vv3xby Jesse Barboza

day_06___son_of_meep_by_unclewomas-d81wbm8by Tom Foltz

juega_conmigo_by_cindysuke-d7kbfmbby Cindysuke

dance_fraggles_dance_by_delta_shout-d5wkr2eby Delta-Shout

alfred___chicken_liver___hitchcock_by_deeisbrowsing-d7bp0fzby DeeIsBrowsing

llamyrinth_poster_by_atschmit-d7hfugeby AT Schmit

the_frog_and_the_dog_by_eeyorbstudios-d7in2umby Kevin “Drew” Arsenault

 tumblr_neqahzsz841qj4z2po1_1280by Becca Whitaker

tumblr_nf0layx7bM1rl972po1_1280by Ash

Pokemuppetsby Vaughn Pinpin

10432957_865579823473336_344467225181380060_nby Andesn

10419045_865582030139782_832673484431225874_nby Onno Knuvers

 tumblr_ngbmi7OEoC1sgpabho1_1280by Alberto Cámara

fozzie_by_cindysuke-d7868e2by Cindysuke

tumblr_nb7psai8Xx1s9au7co1_r4_1280by Euclase (no, this is not a photograph)

tumblr_njz0wkQf0F1tzyv85o1_1280by LadySiggy

plummeting_by_glowin_theshark-d5m50ffby Candice

 Cookie-Mobsterby Sophie Corrigan

 tumblr_nlskuwN94k1urn6pco2_r1_1280by Shaun Pendy

 robinstairby Emiliano Serreli

 10710421_10152663602196157_5363415923632894039_oby Roger Langridge

 355448_v1by Mattographer

it_s_only_forever_by_vampirehungerstrike-d5ncfdyby VampireHungerStrike

dark_crystal_by_corinneroberts-d8u4d68by Corinne Roberts

 bustedtees.b9b62822-9795-4480-8bd9-26f9ca22Artist unknown (t-shirt available on BustedTees)

tumblr_nm160orh6s1rt7x7xo1_500by Scott Brown

fozziekermitdadveggiesby waterpainto

 tumblr_n141prwiXb1qg8i80o1_1280by Julie Rouviere

 kermit_and_company_by_eeyorbstudios-d8tagmkby Kevin Arsenault

sweetums___robin_by_averagejoeartwork-d8hkq46by Zach Kenny

betsy_bird_by_breakoutkid-d8iac23by Kevin Ferguson

height_difference_is_best_difference_by_iamallyballybee-d8r4vliby Alice Cuthill

682738362cb8b0ed9a4dc12b84e2beed-d8sujvxby Gwen Xiong

 wakka_wocka_by_crossstreet-d8x6qrkby Jesse Rubenfeld

zoot_by_burritodrawings-d8vaausby Citlally Lopez-De Leon

cookie_loves_pi_by_rfcomics-d8lqtm1by Stephen Sagar

allow_me_to_make_this_child_like_in_nature_by_vederick-d8e96dyby Doug S.

dr__teeth_and_the_electric_mayhem_by_dominionv-d8c3gwvby Dominion V

4c2eff3071421a1afca874488e18c7f9-d8bv2taby Alix Branwyn

 tumblr_nt32qkP2Q01rq2yc2o1_1280by Jeff Victor

 muppet_show_by_waitedesigns-d47s13tby Matthew Waite

the_rainbow_connection_by_groovy_gecko-d99gnncby Groovy Gecko

reservoir_muppets_by_adamwithers-d94ffnhby Adam Withers

_doctor_muppet_by_animitchor-d950q33by Mitchel Creek Heslop

cookie_by_jamusdu-d95yw8zby James J. Dunn

grover___fat_blue_by_emjaidi-d98o34qby Matt Dean

tumblr_n2fwap0CSK1rpuekbo1_1280by The Gothic Alice

 muppets_floyd_van_gogh_by_waltoon-d96jqsnby waltoon

Congrats to all of the artists above for their amazing work!  You’re all so much more talented than we could ever hope to be.

Click here to color in Cookie Monster on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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