We’re talking about Minutes 27 & 28 of The Muppets Take Manhattan, in which Rizzo introduces four more rats and Kermit gets a job. With special guest Joe Hennes from ToughPigs.com!

PLUS: The original ratatouille joke! Lesser-known Muppet performers! Star Trek and Chuck E. Cheese! Penguins on the collar! Should we watch all the Rocky movies? And what was the third part of Kermit’s three-part plan?

ALSO: Read the Hollywood Reporter‘s article on the Muppets’ “boys’ club problem” on their website!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this episode, Ryan questions whether there has ever been a Chuck E. Cheese location in New York City. Ryan would like to point out for the record that he actually meant in the borough of Manhattan. Ryan is fully aware that there are currently Chuck E. Cheese restaurants in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and probably Staten Island. Also, Ryan did some Googling after recording, and can report that there have been Chuck E. Cheese locations in Manhattan in the past, but they all appear to be closed now. Ryan thanks you for your attention to this matter.

Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Guest Joe Hennes

Produced by Ryan Roe

Logo by Morgan Davy

Theme Music by Staci Rosen

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