In this episode, we wrap up our discussion of The Muppet Movie with various fascinating odds and ends. Plus: The Muppet Movie vs. Solo! Old Dogs, Wild Hogs and a break-dancing elephant! The problem with “la da-da dee da-da do!” And what’s next for this podcast?

Thanks to all of you for listening to this season of the podcast, and for joining the discussion online! Thanks to all our terrific guests! And the thanks we forgot to give in the episode: Thanks to the Star Wars Minute guys for letting us steal their format, and to everyone involved in making The Muppet Movie!

ALSO: Check out the abbreviated Super 8 edit of The Muppet Movie on Daily Motion!

ALSO: You can experience Animal Jam‘s dance sensation, Bozark the elephant, on YouTube!

Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan Roe

Guest Joe Hennes

Edited by Ryan Roe

Logo by Morgan Davy

Theme Music by Staci Rosen

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