Have you been watching the Olympics?  Wasn’t it exciting when that one athlete from that one country did that thing really well and won a medal for it?  I was so excited when I saw that!

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Elmo and some of his Sesame Street pals have been at the Olympics, hobnobbing with the athletes and soaking up the Olympic atmosphere.  Check out these videos… First, Elmo chats with some Olympians:

Here, Elmo and his pal Rabbit discuss the purpose of practice:

Here’s one with Elmo, Grover and Abby trying to pose like Usain Bolt:

In this delightful clip, Elmo impresses Grover with his knowledge of Olympic facts.

I challenge you not to laugh at this one, which appears to be genuinely spontaneous:

And finally, here’s one with an unusual behind-the-scenes angle of Elmo doing an interview:

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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