Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Fluff Fridays! For the next little while we’ll be dedicating Fridays to real innane, silly articles. Mindless, unapologetic, ridiculous articles, for all the world to enjoy! Will it be a success? Will it fail? Will we look back at it in 12 months and say ‘Wow, we probably should have put more effort in?’ What do I care? That’s future Jarrod’s problem, and I hate that guy!

Man, Migg Piggy sure has hat a lot of hair styles, hasn’t she? No one is cooler than dreadlocks Piggy!

This one’s a classic!

I’d be mad too if I had this hair!

Imagine trying to wash and brush that hair!

Patriotic, yet also kinda ‘Karen’ish? Piggy is the original Karen, after all.

This haircut really makes Piggy look different, doesn’t it?

Is a pig bob cut a pob or a big?

Who’s that guy?

This one’s actually pretty gorgeous.

Remember the time Piggy didn’t have ears?

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By Jarrod Fairclough – Jarrod@ToughPigs.com

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