Sesame Street has been home to a lot of monsters and grouches and oddly-sized birds over the years, but there’s been a lack of Muppets who represent actual kids from different (and specific) backgrounds. We’ve seen newcomers Wes and Elijah, as well as Gabrielle and Tamir, all seemingly created to add to the real-life diversity of the show.

Starting with the upcoming Sesame Street special, “See Us Coming Together”, we’ll meet Ji-Young, a Korean-American 7-year-old, and the newest Sesame Street resident. After her debut in the special, she’ll be making appearances on the main series starting with season 53. Ji-Young will be performed by the talented Kathleen Kim.

You’ll be able to see Ji-Young’s debut on Thanksgiving Day on HBO Max, PBS, and Sesame Street’s social media channels. Keep an eye out for more of Ji-Young coming up real soon!

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by Joe Hennes –

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