Comic book publisher Archaia is returning to the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth this winter in a special one-shot comic book. Put on your dancing shoes, because we’re invited to Jareth’s masquerade.

You’re invited to the ball of the season! But all is not as it seems with the guests of Jareth’s famous Masquerade, as one of the partygoers slowly awakens to the reality of her topsy-turvy existence in the Goblin Kingdom after Sarah’s escape from the ball. As this mysterious participant puts together the pieces of who she is and where she is, her discoveries could unravel the very fabric of this fantasy world! 

This oversized comic book is written by Lara Elana Donnelly, with art by French Carlomagno, Samantha Dodge, and Pias Buk, with will cover art by Jenny Frison (seen above) and Evan Cagle (seen below).

The book will be available at your local comic shop and online this December.

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by Joe Hennes –

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