With the Labyrinth board game getting closer and closer to production, a lot of us are wondering how, exactly, a game like this might be played.  Do you have to finish it in under 13 hours?  Is there a shortcut through the Worm’s house?  What happens when you find yourself in the Land of Stench?

The folks at Beasts of War got their hands on a copy and made this video where they go through the rules and gameplay of the Labyrinth game.  Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the video yet because it is over an hour long.  So if you’re curious and you have a little extra time on your hands, be sure to scope it out below.

We have also learned that this video was shot about a month ago, so some of the details may have changed.

As a bonus, they’re offering an extra Jareth game piece just for writing a Labyrinth limerick in the comments section of their website!

Labyrinth: The Board Game will tentatively be available for purchase this August.

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by Joe Hennes –

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