Have you ever noticed how most big franchises put out coffee table books every ten years or so?  That’s definitely not a complaint, because on Labyrinth‘s 30th anniversary, we’re getting a new hardcover book all about the beautiful look of the film.

Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History is now available for pre-sale.  The hardcover book will explore the creation of the film through the eyes of the visual storytellers: The artists, costume designers, and creature builders.

The book will feature tons of rare photos and illustrations, interviews with the cast and crew, sketches and concept art, and copies of Jim Henson’s own handwritten notes.

The book will cost $45 (currently on sale on Amazon for $40.50), and it will be available on October 18, 2016.

Amazon also has some preview pages, which we have conveniently borrowed so you can glimpse them below.  Be sure to give them a click to embiggen.

labyrinthbook2 labyrinthbook3 labyrinthbook4 labyrinthbook5 labyrinthbook6

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by Joe Hennes –

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