Per the Hollywood Reporter, the Library of Congress has just announced the 20 recordings they’re inducting this year into their National Recording Registry, to be preserved for all times. From songs to albums to radio broadcasts, the new additions include recordings by Louis Armstrong, Marlo Thomas, Kool and the Gang, and Kermit the Frog! Yeah! That guy we all know! And you’ll never in a million years guess what song of his they’re preserving! Never!

No, it’s not “Bein’ Green.” Not “Happy Feet.” And sadly, it isn’t “Disco Frog” ether. Believe it or not, it’s…”Rainbow Connection!” Wow! I did not see that coming!

Die-hard Muppet fans would probably agree that we’ve heard this song maybe more times than necessary over the last several years, but we cannot deny its significance in Muppet history. Not only did it serve as the opening song for their first big-screen production, it became their first Oscar-nominated tune (unfortunately losing to a song with an unremarkable Wikipedia article).

We’re glad the Library of Congress is recognizing this song as something worthy of preservation for generations to come. And who knows, maybe next year they’ll finally recognize “The Rhyming Song” as culturally significant.

UPDATE: Shortly after the announcement, Disney released a video with Kermit and LOC’s Dr. Carla Hayden discussing the addition.

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By Shane Keating

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