Did you read my recent hard-hitting investigative report on Janice and her uvula, and the question of whether she’s always had it?  If not, you should read it right now before proceeding further.

As I mentioned in that article, I strongly believed that the uvula had not received enough media attention, and I suspected that I was not the only one who noticed.  The article got a sufficient response to confirm that suspicion: Others had noticed it, and they were also curious.

Among those to respond was Brian Carson, a professional puppeteer and puppet builder and friend of Tough Pigs.  Brian suggested that “more efficient lighting has made the uvula more noticeable… plus it’s been made really dangly and big).”  New lighting techniques?  Sure, I’ll buy that.  And it goes along nicely with my HD theory.

And speaking of lighting, after coming up with my own theory, I had a bright idea.  I ran the question past Bonnie Erickson, the former head of the Muppet workshop who built the first Janice.  Ms. Erickson says:

Janice has always had a uvula! When I was building her, Mick Jagger and his uvula was inspiring but it was way back in her throat. Initially it was a small lead fishing lure covered in foam and swung back and forth nicely. It is more prominent now but I don’t know the material used. I have always been fond of the girl and her cool sort of west coast attitude. Richard had it just right!

And there you have it!  Long live Janice’s uvula.

Early Janice sketch by Michael Frith

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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