Henson Announces Animated Movie Collaboration With Billy Crystal

Published: October 10, 2014
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Not pictured: witches.

Not pictured: witches.

Variety has announced that Muppets Tonight guest star Billy Crystal has signed on to the upcoming Jim Henson Company animated movie project Which Witch, as a writer, producer and star.  He’s a triple threat!

The film is based on a 1979 book by Eva Ibbotson, and is, sadly, not about a witch who loves sandwiches as I first misinterpreted the title, but about a wizard who “holds a contest among the seven witches of Todcaster to determine which witch he will marry.”  You know Todcaster, right? Of course you do.

The article also says “casting on Which Witch is underway with the company finalizing negotiations with a digital animation studio and a foreign financier for the project.” So they still don’t have the actors, the animators, or the money to make the movie, but they got Billy Crystal, and that’s a start!

Folks are also buzzing about the Variety announcement because it briefly mentions that Henson is working on a Fraggle Rock movie, a Dark Crystal sequel, a Labyrinth sequel, and a movie about Emmet Otter.  We’ve been hearing about the first two for years, but the latter two would be newer developments.  Will they ever get made?  Probably not!  But people sure do love getting excited about things like that on the internet.


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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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