ToughPigs Interviews Gonger, Sesame Street Star and Chef

Published: November 15, 2017
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Sesame Street‘s new season began this week, and with a new season comes a new recurring segment.  Cookie Monster, in full hipster mode, has started his own food truck.  And he brought along a friend from his stint at the Furchester Hotel: Gonger!

Who’s Gonger, you ask?  Well, he’s cute and pink and he loves to cook and hit a gong.  And we got to meet him to find out more about partnering up with Cookie Monster and riding along in their new truck.

Want to see more of Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck?  Here’s a full episode!

Keep an eye out for the Foodie Truck in the new season of Sesame Street!

Many thanks to Warrick Brownlow-Pike, who had a hand in making this interview happen.  Also thanks to Christina Elefante for her cameraperson skills.

For more from Warrick, be sure to check him out on Instagram, Twitter, and his website!

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