goelzflyerDo you know the only thing cooler than Dave Goelz getting a huge honor from the Henson Company?  The fact that we’re all invited!

As we reported last month, The Jim Henson Company and the Center for Puppetry Arts are honoring Dave Goelz at an event at the Henson lot in Hollywood on September 24th (Jim Henson’s birthday!).  Tickets aren’t cheap, but they’re available to anyone who wants to attend.

Ticket prices start at $250, and they go up from there.  To read more about prices and how to get tickets, click here.

We hope more than a few Muppet fans are able to afford the event, and if you can’t go, I’m sure you’ll join us in congratulating Dave Goelz from afar!

Click here to honor Gonzo’s guts on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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