Yesterday afternoon (conveniently after our News Update was posted), a video was discovered on YouTube. The video is a promo for The Hub cable channel’s upcoming Fraggle Rockathon celebrating Fraggle Rock‘s 30th Anniversary. Why is this 20 second video noteworthy, I hear you ask? Because it features Gobo Fraggle speaking for the first time since Jerry Nelson passed away. Watch the clip below and see/hear for yourself:


You can watch a much higher quality version of the video via our friends at Entertainment Weekly.

Amazing, no? Gobo sounds almost spot-on and I’m already incredibly impressed by this recast. Mostly because the voice is so solid, but also because I never expected Gobo to be recast–let alone this quickly. Muppet fans are baffled about who is performing Gobo here. Matt Vogel, the prime suspect, confirmed on Twitter that it is not him. So who could it be? Tyler Bunch? John Tartaglia? We do not know… but hopefully we’ll find out soon!

UPDATE: The Jim Henson Company confirmed to our pals at ToughPigs that Gobo was indeed performed by our good friend John Tartaglia. John is a friend of the site and to me personally so I could not be more thrilled to hear that he gets to be Gobo!

What say you, Muppet fans? Does Gobo’s new voice make you want to dance your cares away?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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