We are saddened to learn that comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried has passed away.

Best known for his (deliberately) grating voice and obnoxious persona, Gottfried made a splash in films such as Aladdin, Problem Child, and The Aristocrats. But that’s not all! Here in the Muppet fan world, we know him best for his appearances on Muppets Tonight and Sesame Street.

In 1996, Gilbert Gottfried appeared on Muppets Tonight as a rabid Kermit the Frog fanatic. (We tried not to take that personally.) The appearance, seen below, features Gottfried in his underwear, a particularly disastrous dinner, and a bonus cameo by Muppet performer Leslie Carrara-Rudolph.

In 2008, Gottfried popped up on Sesame Street as “Denny the Distractor”, who tries to distract Telly Monster from competing on a game show. Check that out here:

In addition to these two appearances, Gottfried also made a quick cameo in the Muppets’ “She Drives Me Crazy” music video, and he provided the voice of a possum in an episode of Bear in the Big Blue House.

Gottfried spent his career developing a loud and memorable character, and he fit in so well with the Muppets. We’re glad to count him among the many who’ve gotten to cross paths with Kermit the Frog and company.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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