It’s always fun playing with GPS apps and discovering new voices to tell you where to turn or that you’ve been driving in the wrong direction for the past 30 miles. Every so often, we get to hear a celebrity voice, and even more rarely we’ll get one of our favorite fictional characters.

Waze has announced that Red Fraggle (as performed by Karen Prell) will soon (on September 14th) be available as your GPS voice. As exciting as this sounds, I’m a little dubious that a Fraggle who’s spent almost their entire lives underground would be able to give you accurate directions, but what better way could there be to get lost??

This isn’t the first time a Muppet has been GPSed. Back in 2019, Cookie Monster took his turn with Waze. And way back in 2011, a bunch of the Sesame Street characters recorded their voices for driving direction on the Garmin system.

Now speaking as someone who doesn’t own a car, I fully plan to pull up directions and run really fast so Red Fraggle can tell me where to turn. Woo hoo!

Click here to turn left in a quarter mile on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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