Our long wait is almost over! The second volume of the Fraggle Rock comic book will be starting on January 19, and you’ll be able to walk right into your local comic shop and buy the first issue. Because that’s how commerce works.

The good people at Archaia Comics have given us this exclusive first look at issue #1, which features stories by Grace Randolph, Jake Forbes, and Joe LeFavi, and art by Chris Lie, Mark Simmons, Cory Godbey and Katie Cook. And one of the covers is by the great David Petersen! You can’t lose!

Click on the images below to see them in their full glory!

Fraggle Rock 001 Cover AFraggle Rock 001 Cover B

Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG1Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG2

Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG3Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG4

Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG5Fraggle Rock v2 001 Preview_PG6

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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