Sesame Workshop and Audible have just announced that the Sesame Street podcast Foley and Friends has been renewed for two more seasons. The series stars two new characters: Foley (a sound-maker monster with Simon Soundman-esque audio abilities) and her sidekick Mikee the microphone. And of course, the entire Sesame Street gang is there too. (Side note: Anyone know how we can get them to do our podcast???)

Season 2 will drop exclusively on Audible on January 27th, with season 3 coming at a later unspecified date. Season 1 will also be translated into Spanish, also dropping on January 27th.

And of course, season 1 is now available for you to listen to whenever you want on Audible.

As a bonus, seasons 2 and 3 will feature a few episodes written by ToughPigs writer Louie Pearlman! And now you have another reason to listen. Congrats, Louie!

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by Joe Hennes –

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