Very soon, we’ll have the opportunity to build our very own 123 Sesame Street, Hooper’s Store, and Sesame Street characters brick-by-brick.

The Sesame Street LEGO set (created by Ivan Guerrero, voted for approval by YOU!) has been revealed! Take a gander at the trailer released by LEGO Ideas:

As you can see, the set will feature all sorts of Easter eggs and show-specific references. Almost too many to list right now! Didn’t spot them all? Here are some more detailed photos of the box, the set, and the characters:

The set will be sold for a whopping (but understandable) $119.99, measuring 9” high, 13.5” wide and 8.2” deep. We’ll all be able to get it starting on November 1st.

Happy building!

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by Joe Hennes –

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