Ya’ know, those Reese’s folks sure had a great idea melding two seemingly random things into one yummy snack. Let’s see if I can make the same kind of lightning strike. Hmmm…what if I took the old FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Workshop and combined it with, oh I don’t know, that “Elmo’s Monster Maker” smartphone app. What have I made?

Elmo’s Monster Factory at FAO Schwarz!

Alright, I admit, I can’t take credit for its creation. But a man can dream, can’t he? Anywho, “Elmo’s Monster Factory” was just given a “soft launch” at FAO’s new(ish) store in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City (right by the giant Christmas tree, you can’t miss it). Much like the Whatnot Workshop, you can create your own monster doll with the choice of four different bodies, plus a variety of facial features and horns.

Right now it appears you can only create these monsters in-store, but we’re hopeful they’ll allow for online orders in the future so we can create furry companions from the safety of our living rooms.

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By Shane Keating

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