True story:

A few months ago, my good friend and talented artist Dave Hulteen sent me a link to another artist’s Facebook page.  He said I had to check this Erin Hunting person out, because she had a lot of amazing artwork, including some Muppet stuff.  So I looked over her work and bookmarked her website to reach out to her about spotlighting her work on ToughPigs.

A few weeks earlier, I opted to take part in a Reddit gift exchange.  The theme was “Jim Henson”, and strangers were swapping Muppet gifts all around the world.  I sent some Japanese Sesame Street toys to my new Reddit friend, and another person ordered some prints from Erin Hunting’s Etsy shop for me.  A large envelope containing a few of the images you’re about to see came in the mail just two days after Dave Hulteen’s original email to me.

So obviously, the universe was trying to tell me something.  Erin Hunting has a terrifically unique style, which lends itself so well to all sorts of pop culture icons, including the Muppets.  I definitely recommend checking out her website, her Facebook page, and her Blogspot.  You’ll see everything from The Simpsons to Orange is the New Black to The Super Mario Bros to farting pugs.  Everything you could ever want and more.

As always, click on the pictures below to embiggen!

eh-rowlfeh-berternieeh-fozzieeh-animaleh-cookiemonster2  eh-oscar   eh-kermit eh-kermit fozzie eh-kermitpiggy eh-count  eh-cookiemonster eh-berternie2eh-muppets

Many thanks to Erin Hunting for all her great work! And thanks to Dave Hulteen and my Reddit friend for having such great taste!

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by Joe Hennes –

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