Are you a big fan of Fraggle Rock, but you’ve always felt like it had too darn many Fraggles? Well, the Jim Henson Company has just the show for you.

Kidscreen and various other websites are reporting the announcement of a new animated Doozers TV series, which will follow the adventures of three young Doozers named Baxter, Puzzlebea, and Daze. I guess it’ll be sort of like Scrubs, but with apprentice Doozers instead of medical interns, and probably fewer sex jokes.

Of course, the Doozers were way ahead of their time in the area of green construction. All their buildings on Fraggle Rock were made of material that was completely biodegradable, and heck, edible. So it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch when the press releases say this new show will focus on “ecological concepts.” As long as Captain Planet doesn’t show up at the end of every episode to deliver a sermon about the week’s environmental message, they should be fine.

The show will be animated, so that apparently means no puppetry. I’m okay with that, especially because the Doozer in that picture up there looks just like a Doozer from Fraggle Rock, albeit with more hair and a touch of huge-headedness.

We’ve been talking about this announcement on the Tough Pigs forum, and we have lots of questions: Will there be any Fraggles, Gorgs, or humans? Will there be any kind of tie-in to the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie? Why aren’t these three characters named after tools like all the other Doozers? Will we see any familiar Doozer characters (e.g. Cotterpin) on the new show? And will there be songs?

With any luck, we’ll get answers in the months to come. This new show is an unexpected move from the Henson Company, but there were some pretty good Doozer-focused episodes of Fraggle Rock, and if they’re going to make a spinoff based on any of the supporting characters, the Doozers make the most sense by far… A Doc & Sprocket show wouldn’t have the young kid appeal, a Gorg show wouldn’t work because as far as we know there are only three Gorgs, and… I don’t know, who else is there? The Trash Heap? She never moves from her spot in the garden.

So anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. And who knows? This just might be the perfect time for a television series about tiny naked green people who are obsessed with engineering.

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