Back in July, we told you fine folks about the animated Doozers TV show being put into production, but we didn’t have a tiny helmet’s-worth of information about when or where it might air.  Well, now we know, and it’ll make some of you, but not most of you, pretty happy.

The Turner-owned Cartoonito network has picked up the series, which will air the little green construction workers throughout Europe.  So, that’s great news for everyone on the other side of the pond, but those of us stateside will have to keep on waiting if we want to see the show.

On the bright side, the press release did give us more info about the series.  Info like this:

Co-produced with Canada’s DHX Media, the new series stars Spike, Mollybolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel. The four kid Doozers live in Doozer Creek, a self-sustainable community (located just beyond the view of humans). The action really takes place in a high-tech, eco-friendly enchanted forest, where the Doozer pals share a passion for inventing.

“We call the Doozers playful inventors,” says Richard Goldsmith, EVP of global distribution at TJHC. “It’s about exploration and working together with others, and to do so  they borrow things from nature to make their world and the larger world around them better.”

As always, stay tuned for more Doozer-related news as we hear it!

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by Joe Hennes –

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