Meet the DillonGale Idiots: Ryan Dillon and Mark Gale

Published: August 28, 2017
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Although we spend a generous 99% of our ToughPigs time talking about the Muppets, there’s always a little room left over to discuss some of the amazing (and often bizarre) work inspired by Jim Henson.  Which brings us to The DillonGale Idiots.

DillonGale, a portmanteau combining the minds of Muppet performers Ryan Dillon and Mark Gale, has been producing videos for years, and we got the chance to sit down with both of them to hear their stories (and to try and figure out what Frank the Horse’s deal is).

As you’ll see, these guys have amazing Muppet histories.  Ryan Dillon has been performing Elmo on Sesame Street since 2013, and Mark Gale has a great story about meeting Jim Henson.  Muppet fans are sure to love every moment of this interview.

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