I’m still not convinced that The Dark Crystal really needs any sequels or prequels or Skeksi-quels. But I do know that the visuals were by far the best aspects of the film, so it makes a lot of sense to translate the movie’s world to comics.  Today the folks over at i09 have some exclusive preview pages from the upcoming graphic novel The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 2, which tells the story of just how that big ol’ crystal got so dark.

The preview pages are very pretty, but perhaps even more exciting is the inclusion of the book’s afterword by David Odell. You may not recognize his name right away, but he’s the guy who wrote the script for the Dark Crystal movie, as well as working on the writing staff The Muppet Show and other Henson projects. His essay packs a lot of insight about Jim Henson’s creative process and philosophy into just a few paragraphs. Go check it out at i09!

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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