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Published: July 29, 2014
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Aspiring artist Clayton Roederer sent us a batch of his Muppet fan art recently, and we came this close to not posting it.  I have a pretty good eye for recognizing pre-existing artwork (as I mentioned many, many times over in our t-shirt contest reviews), and Clayton’s stuff looks just too familiar.  But lo and behold, I was dead wrong.  Clayton’s art is just strongly inspired by one part Kenny Durkin, a dash of Muppet comic strip artist Guy Gilchrist, a healthy dose of Jay Fosgitt, and 2/3 cup his very own style.  And that’s a pretty great recipe for awesome fan art.

The best part, in my humble Muppet-loving opinion, is that Clayton shows his love of Muppets through his obscure references.  “Any Old Iron”, Kermit’s fender bender from his “Emmet Otter” introduction, and some new Muppet/Star Wars mashups all make appearances in the images below, and they’re all fantastic.

Check out Clayton Roederer’s Muppet fan art below, and remember to give the images a click to see them in their full glory!

any old ironbad turtle bert and ernie bertnose caroll with bird constantine don't be a boober goelz gonzo jabba jedi kermit55 miserable riverbottom rowlf sidebottom sith wemblin wockadead wookie

Many thanks to Clayton Roederer for sharing his artwork with us!

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