A while ago, I posted some funny Muppet-related pictures and asked for amusing captions, and then, sure enough, you guys sent in your amusing captions. Yay! So let’s take a look at the best ones and the runners up, each of whom goes home today with a shiny new nothing.


Okay, this one is somewhat unusual… It comes from Dave Hulteen, and Dave went all-out, expanding the original photo to a four-photo comic strip thingy. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to present Dave’s entry, followed by the picture by itself again with one of the runner up captions, and then the rest of the runner up captions. For the other two pictures, I’ll just present the winning picture with the caption followed by the runners up. Got it?


"Hey Kermit, you got a little....yeah, a....just...okay, do what I'm doing with my hand here..." --Mike C

“Hey Kermit, you got a little….yeah, a….just…okay, do what I’m doing with my hand here…” –Mike C

“These are the times I wish I had eyelids … sheesh!” –Justin P

“Kermit wakes up from a dream in which he was eating his pillow.” –Scott H

“Yeesh, I hope this foam is non-toxic … Gary, is this foam non-toxic?” -Guillermo G


"Doc Hopper has been sighted somewhere downtown. Deploy the secret weapon."  --Mike C



“Woo-man! Woo-Man!! FIFTY FOOT Woo-MAN!!!” –A S


If you step-frame through Kong’s fall from the top of the Empire State Building, just before he hits the ground, you can see his stunt double. –Alex N

Now here’s another multi-frame submission from Dave Hulteen:

-Dave H


"Okay, Mister Ed. With the left eye?" "E... Z... X... Q... V..." "And with the right eye?" "E... I... E... I... Oh boy...

Maybe I should check in, I am a little hoarse. –David H

Mister Ed looks for a rebound girlfriend after getting dumped by Sarah Jessica Porker. –A S

Their love dared not speak its neighme. –Michal R

So that went pretty well. My thanks to everyone who submitted captions! There were a lot of good ones, and I definitely think we should do this again sometime. If you have any funny or unusual Muppet photos you think might have caption potential, send them to me at Ryan@ToughPigs.com.

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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