Lucky for you fans who enjoyed A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, the movie is being released on DVD on September 9, 2009! Just in time for Patriot Day.

The DVD will contain the hour-long TV movie, as well as 15 whopping minutes of special features, including deleted scenes and a documentary about searching for Santa Claus (hint: he’s hiding in a terrible Tim Allen trilogy).

Unfortunately, the suggested retail price for the DVD is $26.99. $26.99??? For 75 minutes of mediocrity?? There must be some kind of added bonus; some extra feature that will make us foam at the mouth to give Disney our hard-earned Canadian dollars. Well, there is. The DVD boasts a “Eye-Catching Collectible O-Sleeve!

Wait. What the crap is an O-Sleeve? Let alone an Eye-Catching Collectible one.

I don’t have all the answers, kids. Nor do I have the energy to Google such a concept. What I’d rather do is leave it up to you to do the hard work.

What we want is for you to sketch, design, Photoshop, or otherwise create a cover for Letters to Santa with an Eye-Catching Collectible O-Sleeve. Or, if that’s too difficult, feel free to just design an alternate cover for the DVD. E-mail your submissions to me over the next week and I’ll post the best of the best right here on!
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