Cookie Monster Franco and I think Michael Stipe on Colbert

This is only a little bit Muppet-related, but it’s absolutely worth sharing here.  As you may know, Stephen Colbert is ending his Comedy Central series The Colbert Report in preparation of taking over The Late Show on CBS when David Letterman retires next year.

For his final episode, Stephen Colbert brought together an unbelievable assemblage of famous people to sing an appropriate song: “We’ll Meet Again.”  Of course, when you make a list of famous people you have to get for your final show, Big Bird and Cookie Monster are going to be on that list, and so there they were.

As you watch the video below, count how many of the other participants have Muppet connections, and chuckle at the fact that Cookie Monster seems to know the words of the song better than just about anyone else.



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by Ryan Roe –

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