For those of you in the New York area who missed the news the first time, or have very short memories: Being Elmo, the swell documentary about Kevin Clash that’s won various awards at film festivals all over the place is getting its first theatrical release.  It’s at the IFC Center in Manhattan beginning today (Friday, October 21st).

If you want to see it in New York, you should go this weekend, because Kevin Clash and “his special guest” will be there at Saturday and Sunday’s screenings.  And you should buy tickets online in advance, because they’re guaranteed to sell like hotcakes.  Adorable, red, furry hotcakes.

And then the movie will be in a whole bunch of other places… Check out the  “Where to See the Film” page on the official site to see if it’s coming to your neighborhood.  And if it is, go see it!

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by Ryan Roe –

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