About a year ago (yeah, that long ago), The Jim Henson Company announced their new contest: “Author Quest”, in which prospective writers could pitch ideas for a new Dark Crystal story, and they could be chosen to write a new story featuring everyone’s favorite Gelflings or Skeksis or whatever Aughra is.  Basically, people got the chance to turn their fan fiction into continuity.  And isn’t that the greatest gift anyone can receive?

The winners of the contest have been announced, and their stories are now available to read.  The authors are Vinnie Chiappini, Greg Coles, Nancy Gray, J.M. Lee, and Esther Palmer, and you can download the digital version of “The Dark Crystal: Author Quest” right now for just $2.99.  Plus, the book comes with an introduction by Cheryl Henson!

Click here to download the new Dark Crystal ebook now!  And find out what else has been going on in Thra while we’ve been looking the other way.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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