Ask ToughPigs #2: A Call for Questions

Published: July 24, 2010
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elmoqLast month, we pleaded, implored, and begged you for your Muppet-related questions, and the response we got was through the roof! Seriously, you guys sure do have a lot of questions about wiggling dolls.

Just like anything else that gains a little popularity, we plan on overdoing it to death. So we’re asking you for another batch of questions, which we’ll answer in another video featuring ToughPigs’ own Joe and Ryan!

Send us your questions, queries, and quizzicalities! Want to know who performed Waldorf’s wife, Astoria? (Don’t ask that one, we don’t know.) Curious about our favorite Muppet Baby? (It’s Baby Scooter.) Are you foaming at the mouth with curiousness about our favorite Muppet-ukulele song? (Act Naturally.) E-mail anything ending in a question mark to us, or post it on the ToughPigs forum, and we’ll do our darndest to give you a straight answer.

Click here to watch the last incarnation of Ask ToughPigs for a better idea of the caliber of questions we’re looking for. We want a healthy mix of Muppet trivia, our opinions, questions about sex lives, and the utterly bizarre.

And check back here in a couple weeks for our video response! Thanks in advance for your Qs!asktp

Click here to ponder what I’m pondering on the ToughPigs forum!

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