ToughPigs Art: Muppets Through the Years with Ian Vazquez

Published: May 12, 2017
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It’s rare to find an artist who not only gets the Muppets, but has a clear respect for their history, both ancient and recent.  Ian Vazquez gets it, as you’ll see in a second.  He knows the intricacies of how some of our favorite characters have evolved over the years, and what they’ve become.  It’s fascinating to see those details emphasized in his artwork.

Below, you’ll find all sorts of frogs, pigs, birds, and whatevers drawn by the talented Ian Vazquez!  And you’ll be seeing more of him, as he created a library of Muppet fan art that we can’t wait to share with you too.  But for now, enjoy the show.

If you enjoy Ian’s work (and I’m sure you will), be sure to check out more of his work on Tumblr, on his art blog, and his comedy show/movie review podcast “The Movie Rats“.

Many thanks to Ian for allowing us to share his fantastic artwork!

Click here to see a flock of Big Birds on the ToughPigs forum!

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