April Fools: ToughPigs Sells NFTs

Published: April 2, 2023
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If you happened to click on ToughPigs yesterday, you may have seen the news that we were announcing exclusive NFTs! Well, of course that was all a big lie, because yesterday happened to be April Fools and we’re big old jokesters!

We had a few fun ideas in mind for this year’s April Fools prank, but when those god-awful Sesame Street NFTs were announced, we knew we had to do something about them. So the team got together to create a bunch of silly artwork and articles sending up those terrible no-good non-fungible things.

In our big NFT announcement, Joe Hennes worked with our artist-in-residence Smig to create the actual NFT’s themselves which were announced first. They included a drawing of Rocko, an image accidentally watermarked by Paramount Studio, a photo of a photo of a photo, and many more.

Then our expert on all the evil things about NFTs Becca Petunia chimed in to tell us that actually, our NFTs aren’t so bad after all, and it’s definitely not a scam and you should give us $60 because of the Blockchain.

Then a wild Matthew Soberman appeared to explain to us what an NFT actually is, and did such a bad job of it that I’m more confused now than I was when I started. At this point I assume NFTs are just designed for finance bros with Twitter Blue to yell about online.

Finally, Ryan Roe let us know that we’d been hacked and all of our priceless NFTs were stolen and were now worthless. Which is unfortunate, because we were probably going to become so rich and powerful with our drawing of Gonzo’s nose that we could have bought Twitter and run it into the ground. Ha, yeah right, like anyone would be stupid enough to do that!

So that was 2023’s ToughPigs April Fools Day prank! Did we fool you? Did you try to buy one of our NFTs then realize it wasn’t possible and it all sounded a littler stupid? That’s because NFTs are stupid. Let me direct you to Becca’s succinct article from a few weeks back explaining why they’re a terrible investment and bad for the environment. (Or read the one she wrote about Fraggle NFTs, or the one she wrote about Labyrinth NFTs… why is this happening so often??) Then just go online, type in Bert Sesame Street Funny and right click and save all your favorite images for free!

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By Jarrod Fairclough – Jarrod@ToughPigs.com

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