Pictured: Some characters who definitely will and some who definitely won't be on the new show

Pictured: Muppet characters who will, won’t be on the new show

Since we first heard that ABC was working on a pilot presentation for a possible new Muppet series, we’ve been eagerly awaiting any further details about the project, however small.  And we now have a very small detail — a show description, provided by ABC and reported on various entertainment websites, including Den of Geek:

Subverting the expectations of reality TV, this mockumentary looks at the day to day lives of the Muppets and the mayhem that ensues as they try to get a new network series up and running. Mixing the Muppets’ signature brand of nonsense with the hilarity of shows like The Comeback and Curb Your Enthusiasm, this series finally answers the question, “What happens when the Muppets go home?”

And that will have to tide us over until we hear more.  I think there’s definitely potential in a Comeback-style series about the Muppets making a show, especially considering the The Muppet Show was a show about the making of a show anyway.  The biggest difference was that the camera didn’t shake.  I would just hope that we still also get to see glimpses of the show within the show, with musical numbers and sketches and such.

Stay tuned for this website for more morsels of news as we get them!

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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