Tough Pigs Anthology

Sept/Oct 2004


Troubled Waiter

Grover waits tables on Sesame Street


   The Anthology is busy this Christmas with the Santa Claus Switch -- but Grover will be returning after Christmas with new dishes! 


   The new DVD A Celebration of Me, Grover came out this month -- and as great as the DVD is, it doesn't actually include a vintage Grover waiter sketch. 


   There's a waiter subplot in the special, and there are clips of Grover selling wigs and delivering singing telegrams, but there aren't any of the classic waiter skits on the DVD. Tough Pigs, as always, steps in to correct this imbalance with an Anthology of Grover waiter sketches.


   You do not need to thank me, sir. To serve you is my only pleasure.



Part One:




Part Two:

Food Shortage



Part Three:

Super Size Me



Part Four:

Air Travel



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