Tough Pigs Anthology

February 2003


Ernie vs Bert


   Everybody loves Ernie and Bert, the First Family of Sesame Street -- but nobody's ever put together a comprehensive guide of every Ernie and Bert sketch ever recorded, in chronological order. 


   Well, I'm not going to be the one to try, cause there's too many of them, and it would be really hard. So instead, I'm going to spend this month posting my favorite Ernie and Bert sketches, and providing color commentary on the epic battle between order and chaos. All month long, it's Ernie vs Bert... and this time, it's personal. 


Round 1: Try and Control Yourself

   November, 1969: The saga begins...


Round 2: Share and Share Alike

   Ernie buys some licorice whip candy. Half for you and half for me!


Round 3: Mind Games

   Ernie's got a couple games. Wanna play?


Round 4: A Fine Mess

   Ernie's home-improvement schemes


Round 5: Something Exciting

   in which Bert finds his passion


Round 6: Achtung Ernie

   Why is Germany in love with Ernie and Bert?


Round 7: White Face and Red Nose

   Here, put this pot on your head! There you go.



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